Sunwell Accounts – Things to consider

In the time I’ve spent playing World of Warcraft, there are a few WoW gold tips and tricks I’ve learned. Even if you’re a total noob, you’ve certainly noticed that without gold, your options are limited. I’ve known a lot of players who waste time and gold, and never really getting the most out of the game. Here, I’m going to expose 5 things you can do starting today to rapidly increase your wow gold. Let’s have a look.
First, don’t waste your gold on gear in the early stages. If you’re level 1-20, you’ll get better gear than you can buy from drops and questing. Save your gold for the later stages.
Another World of Warcraft gold tip is to get yourself a combination of primary professions. Make sure that they compliment each other. One primary profession should gather, and the other should craft. This way you can craft what you gather.
My third wow gold tip is this: put the banking slots in the capital cities to good use. Use them as a depository to store items you may not be able to use now, but could be of use later.
Use the auction house. This is probably the biggest wow gold tip I can give you. Sell off all blue, green, and purple items that you don’t need.
My final wow gold tip is also about using the auction house effectively. Make sure you spend some time there researching the low and high buyout prices to make sure you know how to price your stuff. The auction house will be your biggest wow gold maker.
Following these simple wow gold tips and strategies will have you well ahead of the other players in gold, which means you’ll have the training, mounts, etc that you need to really enjoy the game.